How To Pick the Perrrrfect Christmas tree

29 11 2010

After Black Friday, holiday shoppers begin to pick out their christmas trees. There are those who enjoy the sentimental feeling of picking out a real christmas tree, remembering their childhood days. Then there are those who feel it is more convenient to use a fake tree to avoid the clean up. Well, if you really want to freshen up your house with a great smell, you’ll want to use a real tree. Take the traditional route for once! Below are great ways to pick out the perfect tree and keep it fresh during the holiday season…

1. When picking out a tree, grab a pine needle from the tree and place it between your thumb and forefinger. Then, bring both fingers together and if it bends rather than breaks, it is a healthy and fresh tree.

2. The second tip is to lift the tree off the ground a couple inches and then drop it down on the stump end. If needles fall off in abundance then it is not a fresh tree.

3. If you are not ready to decorate the tree, keep the tree outdoors. Keep it on an unheated porch and away from the wind. This will retain the tree’s moisture.

4. If you’ve purchased the tree a week ahead of decorating it is best to keep the trunk in water.

5. Simply make a straight-cut across the trunk about an inch from the initial cut. Then fill a large basin with cool water and immerse the trunk of the tree into the water.

6. When you are ready to decorate, make sure the screws of the stand are tight and secure. This prevents the tree from falling over.

7. It is also best to trim low hanging branches on the bottom of the tree. This prevents a big mess and those branches can be used for center pieces.

8. Check all electrical wiring. Make sure lights do not have frayed wires, and that you always unplug your tree prior to going to bed or leaving the house.

9. The tree should never be placed near radiators, vents, or fireplaces.

10. Water your tree every 24 hours. Trees can absorb up to a gallon in the first 24 hours.






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