How To…Interpret Dreams

14 11 2010

We all dream. Dreams:  

dream is a succession of images, sounds or emotions that the mind experiences during sleep. The content and purpose of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is known as oneirology. Dream interpretations slightly differ from source to source. However, the main theme of the dream remains the same.

The Accident: Do not treat this dream as a premonition as there are millions of dreams that never occur in reality and very few, if any, that will. Such dreams are instead triggered by anxieties and fears. If the accident happens as a result of you feeling rushed in the dream, maybe you should slow down a bit in your real life.

Climbing: the meaning of the dream depends on the reason that you are climbing in the first place. Are you climbing out of fear? Perhaps you are struggling with money problems in real life or are burdened by something else. If you reach the top of the mountain or wall this is a sign of the confidence you have that you can achieve anything in life.

Clowns: This dream may occur if you are preoccupied with something that reminds you of your childhood. The clown symbolizes the immature and unhibited fun of childhood. The dream can however take a sinister element when there is the sense that the laughter in the dream is at your expense. Do you worry that people aren’t taking you seriously in real life?

The Corridor: Dreaming of a never ending corridor demonstrates your frustration with life and its repetitiveness. You may have lots of doors to walk through but you lack the confidence to open them. This dream is most common as you pass from one phase of life into a new one, there are new opportunities but you may not know which to take.

Drowning: This dream highlights fears that you have about outside forces overwhelming you in real life. Is work or family life becoming a struggle? Talking to a friend about your problems will help make things easier for you and you’ll stop feeling so helpless in your dreams and in real life.

Fire: In order to understand the meaning of a dream involving fire, you must first ask, what is the nature of the fire? Was it contained or out of control? A contained fire is a source of light and warmth and it signifies a sense of comfort and security in life. A life that is out of control shows that you are struggling to keep your emotions under control.

Infidelity: This may, and I said may, be a dream about your partner cheating on you. But Don’t panic! It is far more likely that your own insecurities are causing you to dream about adultery. If you are the one being unfaithful in this dream, the dream is triggered by desires you have that you know are not in your best interests.

Ghost: So often in dreams about ghosts, you are fully aware of a presence before the appearance of a ghost. There is very little surprise involved in the experience. This is because the ghosts represent fears that you have in your life and like the ghost you are fully aware of your fears. What is troubling you at the moment? You know what it is…

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