How To…Leave an Abusive Relationship

25 10 2010

Relationships are based on trust. In my opinion, the ideal relationship consists of compromise, understanding, physical attraction, and “trust.” But what happens the first time he hits you? Do you make up an excuse? What about the second time, do you make a claim that he is just angry? And do you value yourself enough to admit that he has a problem and leave? These are the types of questions women need to ask when faced with an abusive spouse. Often times a woman becomes so manipulated by her husband that she is forced to believe that the matter at hand is her fault. Below are some ways that will help you cope with your struggles of being alone, and face the fact that you need help, and must get out.

1) Contact a friend or family member when it first happens, do not, and I mea do not try to handle it on your own.

2) Ask your family member if you can stay with them for the time being. It is not safe to stay by yourself.

3) As soon as you find a place to stay, take your children and all of your essentials to your family or friend’s house. Do not tell your abuser where you are going, or allow them any means of contacting you.

4) Get the police involved right away. Involving them will give yourself some peace. Make sure to keep them updated with the situations, and most importantly, follow through with your decisions. if you don’t the police will be forced to drop the case.

5)  Enroll yourself in counseling. Counseling is a historical remedy that can save your sanity and your children’s. If they have witnessed the abuse, enroll them in counseling as well.

6) When your husband tries to contact you, make sure you tell the police, let them know what he is doing so it can be resolved immediately.

7) If you find it necessary to speak with him, which you shouldn’t, he will try to tell you he is sorry and it will never happen again. DO NOT BELIEVE HIM.

8) You can stay strong for yourself and your children by living your life as you normally would. I know that sounds difficult, but the best thing to do is to keep moving.

9) Allot time for yourself, whether it be for sleep, reading, or an activity you love.

10) Talk to your family and friends to settle your mind. It is also good to talk to your children about the situation, let them know that what happened between their father and yourself is not right.






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