How To…Feng Shui your bedroom!!!

19 10 2010



1. Remove any electronic items in your room. The usage of  any other energies other than your body’s own, can disrupt the natural atmosphere you are aiming to create. Another words, they are very distracting.

Open the windows frequently to allow cross-ventilation throughout the room. It will also help if you have an air purifier to keep the quality of the air fresh and oxygenated. **Note** Plants are not good for the bedroom.

2. Candles are the best feng shui bedroom lighting, but you must be sure to purchase candles that do not release toxins. Light is part of everyday life, and supplies us with energy.

3. Feng shui bedroom decor is a balanced decor that promotes the best flow of energy for restorative sleep, as well as sexual healing. Best feng shui colors for the bedroom are considered the so-called “skin colors,” and we know the colors of human skin vary from pale white to rich chocolate brown. Choose colors within this range that will work best for your bedroom decor.

4. Surround yourself with art work that makes you feel happy about your life and about your future, do  not surround yourself with sad photographs and paintings, your mood will most certainly become gloomy.

Follow these Guidelines below to achieve the Feng Shui Bed

5. have your bed easily approachable from both sides,

6. have two bedside tables (one on each side), and,

7. avoid having the bed in a direct line with the door.

Note: Purchase a good mattress and headboard, bed sheets with natural fibers are also a plus. They help to bring in the structure of nature.

8. Keep all the bedroom doors closed at night, be it the closet doors, the en-suite bathroom door or the bedroom door.

9. This will allow for the best and most nourishing flow of energy to strengthen your health, as well as the health of your relationship.

10. Keeping your bedroom closet clean and organized will further create a sense of peace and calm in your bedroom.




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