How To… Cure Bad Breath

10 10 2010

If you’re intentions are to have the scariest Halloween ever by scaring those around you with the worst smell they have ever smelt, or to  have someone pass out due to an unbearable stench, then bad breath is your thing, but if not, then I would not gamble with it. Bad breath is something that people suffer with on a daily basis. When going to work, school, or a public event, you always want to make sure your smellin good!!!

Below are a list of “uncommon” and “common” ways to conquer bad breath… even the worst kinds.

1) Be aware of the last thing you put in your mouth. Smokers, heavy alcohol drinkers and poor daily oral hygiene are usual suspects for bad breath. Using mints and mouthwashes are normally first attempts to cover up your bad breath. The result, usually unsatisfying, is the temporary way of halting bad breath, often times making your bad breath smell fruity.

2) Make sure your bad breath isn’t from things like raw onions, garlic rich foods or sweets. If you have bad breath all day long, even when not eating these foods, then you have halitosis.

3) So you’ve got halitosis and your bad breath is persistent. We need to try to keep things simple. First step is getting and staying hydrated. Drink lots of water and take sips of water every 10 to 15 minutes. A dry mouth can cause bad breath.

4) Start brushing your teeth, more gently, tongue and gums with water and baking soda. This kills the acidity in your mouth that lets bacteria grow.

5) Try to gargle salt water in the morning and evening, and if possible in the afternoon after having lunch; try to brush your teeth as well. Salt water cures bad breath for the same reason it can help heal a sore throat faster: it kills bacteria.

6) A homeopathic remedy: Homemade mouthwashes are probably one of the best alternatives if you do not like the harsh tastes of Listerine or Peroxyl. You can find recipes for homemade mouthwashes here:

7) According to WebMD, a study conducted in 2003 proves that drinking tea can inhibit bacteria growth by 30 percent. Researchers conducted two studies using black tea and green tea. Both were shown to be effective in fighting bacteria. Black tea was helpful in fighting tooth decay and plaque build-up, both likely villains in bad breath odors.

8) Eat Breakfast!!! By eating breakfast you are conqering bad breath from that begins in the stomach, according to Dr. Tonzetich, Ph. D., professor of oral biology at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. He says that bad breath can remain until you eat something and many people who do not eat breakfast have bad breath, and endure it until lunchtime.

9) Parsley and Mint!!! According to Dr. Bogdasarian,  otorhinolaryngologist and clinical assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Medicine, eating fresh parsley and mint instantly freshens breath. These greens also cause your lungs to emit pleasant aromas for at least the next 24 hours.

10) Parsley seeds
Salt water: swish for 30 seconds
Apple: An apple a day is good for your breath so eat one on the go.
Mint Sprigs: Mix mint sprigs into your food or coffee.
Berries: Berries are great as antioxidants and also good for your         breath.




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