How To… Lower your cholesterol the natural way

7 10 2010

Now although I am only 22 years old, I fear my life when I reach my parents age and have to worry about my cholesterol. My father has high triglycerides and cholesterol. He has been on a numerous amount of medications and has yet to find something with minimal side effects. I have watched my dad suffer through migraines, body aches, breathing struggles, even allergic reactions. Fortunately Channel 3 has found that statins, cholesterol controlling medications, can be substituted with naturopathic remedies.

1) See a homeopathic doctor who has the time to sit and speak with you about your diet.

2) When it comes to your diet, they will most likely place you on a mediterranean diet; chicken, fish, vegetables, etc. The homeopathic doctor will also suggest ways to use acupuncture as a stress reducer. Acupuncture helps with a number of illnesses such as: stress, headaches, inflammation, and lowered energy. The combination of naturopathic medications along with acupuncture increases wellness percentage in your body.

3) COq10 will be prescribed and based on your diet it will be determined how many times a day you will be taking it.

4) Red yeast rice is a pill that may also be prescribed. Keep in mind that these are all naturopathic ways that cannot hurt you.

5) If you are not good with swallowing pills, these pills do come in chewable tablet forms for easy intake.

6) Be sure to tell your regular physician about the pills prescribed by the naturopathic doctor.

7) Regular visits with “both” doctors is a must! They must be on the same page with your health regimen.

8) Make sure to set a cholesterol goal and tell both physicians.

9) It will take a month or more to see changes in your cholesterol numbers, sometimes longer depending on how how they are.

10) Stick to your mediterranean diet and look up new ways to create meals that are of your liking, and stick to them. *Consistency is the key*




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7 10 2010
Rick Hancock


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