How To… Read your own palm

5 10 2010

The future… out of our control, but closer than we think. The past couple days have gone by and I have felt that time is eaten by a monster that follows you around during your daily activities… Eating the “minutes” and then going back for “seconds.” So because time is uncontrollable, does that mean we give up and stop living life? Of course not. But what about what the future holds for us as individuals? You might want to try your odds at palm reading. Most people believe that the only way to have their palms read is by an interpreter, or psychic. Well after much research, I found a very cool site that shows you how to read your palm!!!

1) Men: Use your Right Hand

2)Women: use your Left hand

3) Identify the three major lines on your palm: the heart line, the head line and the life line. Start first with the heart line.

4) The line will begin on the left side of your hand,curving upward toward your index finger. The heart line depicts your emotions and anything related to love. If the line starts right below your index finger, then you are happy with your love life. If the line starts directly below the middle finger, your views of love have been tainted by your dire need for materialistic things and selfishness. If the line begins between the middle and index fingers, you have the ability to fall in love at the drop of a hat. A straight and short line indicates a lack of interest in romance and sex. A line pointing downward and touching your life line means your heart gets easily broken. A long, curvy line means that you freely express emotions. A line that is parallel (to the head line) and straight means that you have good control on your emotions.

5) Next is the head line. The head line starts on the right side of the hand and ends parallel with your ring finger. The head line depicts your intellect and includes your mental status (i.e., any mental problems) plus dealing with the way you think. A curved line means that you are creative and a short line means that you lean toward physical achievements rather than mental achievements. If your life line is separated from your head line, this means you’re enthusiastic about life. A wavy line indicates a lack of deep thinking and a short attention span. A deep, long, horizontal line indicates focused thinking. A straight line indicates realistic thinking.

6) Lastly is the life line, or “vital” line. This starts on the right side of your hand near the edge, and will end close to the wrist. This line is also referred to as the vital line. The life line shows what kind of life you will have, how long it will be, and the quality in which it’s lived. A life line close to your thumb indicates chronic fatigue while a curvy line indicates a lot of energy. A long, deep life line indicates a healthy life. A short and shallow line signifies a life controlled by others. A straight line close to the end of the palm means that you hold yourself back from relationships, whether romantic, or social. A line that forms a half-circle indicates passion and strength. More than one life line indicates a positive force around you.

7) The key is to not limit yourself to reading just one line. Reading them all together will help reveal your true life.

8) Check your palms every couple of years, your lines may have changed.

9) Make sure that you are doing this just for fun…

10) Palmistry or Chiromancy is a trade that people have worked years to master… so enjoy yourself.





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5 10 2010
Rick Hancock

I’m in LOVE…..with your blog!

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