How To… Create that Smokey Eye Look

2 10 2010

The beautiful Kim Kardashian has always been the  starlet who knows how to accentuate her dark eyes. Although she has the best stylists around, she has created a number of youtube videos showing us how to  create the ultimate smokey eye for day, or night. Many of these videos that I have seen share the products used in the demos. Some from MAC, Lancome, Sephora, etc. But all you really need to know is what shades best fit your complexion, and which ones are appropriate for the given season.

1) First, start off with a pallet that is a combination of your skin color, with another tone a tad darker.

2) After you have covered your face with the pallet by using a plush brush, take a concealer that is  a lighter shade than your pallet, and rub it gently on your lids and on your bag line until it is blended completely.

3) Next, take a cream shadow, any brand that you like, and rub over the lid, but not farther than where your brow bone ends.

4) Depending on whether you are aiming for a day or night time look, will you choose your “v” color. The “v” is the “< ” horizontal shape of the eye which is at the corners. This color should be dark and creamy for a shadow like contour. Choose from blacks, Purples, Dark greens, or something that is in season, for instance, Navy.

5) Take your color and start at the outside corner of the eye and work your way into the crease of the eye, right above your lid and below your brow bone. Make sure none of this is directly on the lid. You should only use this color for defining your natural crease, and later blending.

6) Next, you need to take that dark color and, with a slanted brush, blend from the outside corner of your eye to under the lower lashes; think of it as an eye pencil lining.

7) The key is BLEND, BLEND, BLEND!!! Blend the dark shadow that is already in the crease from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner, going back and forth into the crease. This will create the smokey look that you intended.

8) Taking a small brush, choose a “lightening” color such as a white, pearl, light gold, or silver, and brush this right under the eyebrow, blending slightly with the crease. Highlight over a couple times to make sure that eyebrow “pops” with its natural color.

9) Taking a black liquid liner, hold up your eyebrow and line as closely as possible to your upper lashes as you can.

10) Finish your look with a nude lip liner and cream colored lipstick. Dark colors tend to take away from the dark features of your eye.




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