How To … Make Apple Wine

26 09 2010

Fall is here! Time for apple and pumpkin picking, apple cider donuts heated with pumpkin pie… mmmmm. But what those who prefer a little liquor in their diet? I have the best recipe for a delicious apple wine. Served on any occasion, this wine is especially nice on that fun ladies night where you can all make and learn something new. Although the wine does take a couple months to ferment, it is a great gift to give your family and friends, especially if your in college and don’t have the luxury of purchasing expensive gifts. ((Cough)) ((Cough))

1) To make apple wines, you can use apple juice or garden fresh apples. The best wines made are from ordinary apples available in the market.

2) Make sure all apples from the market are washed properly.

3) Make small dices of apples and put them in a clean pot with a fitting cover, which has been washed, cleaned and dried earlier. The container should be deep enough so that you can add cold water on diced apples.

4) Make sure that the water covers apple dices completely. Place the cover of the container and let it remain there for a week with the gradual stirring of the material once in a week.

5) Prepare another container similar to the first and strain the solution into it through a fine mesh after one week, left for preparation of apple juice. You’ll find a clear liquid in the second container, which you should then taste to see if additional sugar should be added.

6) Stir the liquid until the sugar is fully dissolved.

7) You have to add yeast and preferably the wine yeast, yeast nutrient and Pectic enzyme, which are all available at food stores.

8) Put the cover back on the container and let it remain untouched.

9) Obtain a bottle or jar, which can be sealed and kept aside for some time and strain the liquid from the second container to the final container through a mesh.

10) Keep it tightly sealed and leave it to ferment for four months.




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28 09 2010

Very good! Link Twitter to your blog.

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