How To… Alleviate the headache

25 09 2010

When it’s that time of the month, women often face the discomfort of cramps, bad moods, and most importantly, the infamous headache. But what is the first thing we do? Take a pill, drink a lot to pee out inflammation, take a nap in a dark room? Well I have some ways to help. Through personal experience, I have found that by using non medicinal ways to stop the headache in its tracks, your body does not have to rely on medication that only lasts a couple of hours. Read On…

1) If you have a headache where the pain is solely in your forehead and or temples, try taking your thumb and pressing 3 times underneath your left eye lid. Hold it there for 30 seconds, then do the right. This will relieve pressure and help dissipate the pain.

2) Take a shower and wet your hair. Gently pull your roots. Do this until you feel better better enough to use really hot water. This will loosen your hair follicles and help to relieve the tension.

3) Drink water. Drink as much as possible. Dehydration  a headache, and water cools down the body. Again, if you feel a headache coming, drink up.

4) Ice. Lie down and put an ice pack on the areas where you feel pain and tension behind your neck, temples or forehead.

5) Eat regularly. Skipping a meal can trigger a headache. If you feel one coming, you’ll know you have skipped a meal. Take a break and grab a bite to prevent further pain.

6) Get a massage. A massage can ease a tension headache, which are uncomfortable because pain can radiate from the head to the neck and shoulders. A massage releases all that tension that has built up in those areas.

7) Watch your diet. Some headaches are caused by food, especially for migraine sufferers. Pay close attention to what you ate prior to the onset of pain, according to health experts.

8) Maintain good posture. Bad posture can cause tension headaches. Stand up straight and don’t lean forward while working at the desk. If you feel a headache coming, do some stretching.

9) Ear candling. SEE YOUTUBE:

10) Use the neti pot. This is used as nasal irrigation, and can also relieve migraines and sinus headaches. It can be purchased at any local CVS or Walgreens.




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