How To… Network

22 09 2010

Women are seldom shy, with the exception of a few. Speaking on behalf of girls my age, that is 22, now is the prime where we need to make things happen. By “things” I mean goals, dreams, plans, most importantly…. Net working! We need to make friends with anybody who can help us out in the future. Whether a teacher or a colleague, your brother’s girl friend’s mom, or your neighbor’s uncle’s daughter’s cousin, networking is imperative to this era. Jobs are hard to find right now, and we need to take sometime to meet and greet. Below are ways to improve your networking, while practicing self-confidence to better yourself…

1) Make yourself known. Go to as many parties, picnics, concerts, trips, and anything that interests you. Better yet, attend events that you have no interest in at all. Broadening your knowledge of topics can make you more interesting to future jobs.

2) Always dress to impress. Make sure you always look presentable, whether going for a cup of coffee, walking to your mailbox at 6a.m., or simply pumping gas at a gas station. People are everywhere ladies, and the more appealing you look to others, especially the business woman who happened to be on her cell phone when she spots you on the other side of the pump.

3) Ask questions. At internships, meetings, social gatherings, or at the vet with your dog, ask questions!!! The more you know the better your chances are at impressing others.

4) Make a site. Whether it be twitter, word press ((cough)) ((cough)), myspace, or youtube,  let people know what you are looking for in a job. Show them your writing skills and your personality. Make jokes, clean ones that is. Show them plainly why they should pick you over the other chick with the long legs and big boobs.

5) Do not burn bridges. You will never know, and I mean never, when an enemy may be the one person you need to impress. Sucks, I know, but this is reality.

6) Always carry a copy of your resume!!!! Trust me, there have been plenty of times where I have gone places and have bumped into people such as Linda Cohn and had nothing to show for myself besides my interest in sports.

7) When networking, never ever show you are bias to another cause. Tell them instead the benefits of both, and giving your opinion shows your judgment.

8) Use sound judgment. The odds of you having coffee with an axe murderer are slim, though today I am sure the percentage has gone up, still be sure you know some information about people you meet. Google them!!!

9) Befriend the unusual. The most unusual people, you know, the girl in black always on her laptop, or the silent guy with ten piercings on just one side of his face, can turn out to be geniuses. These characters are people too.

10) Finally, involve yourself in helpful organizations. Show that you do not need to get paid to be an avid entrepreneur, show people you mean business, and put it on your resume.




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