How To… Get out of jury duty

22 09 2010

Everyone hates jury duty right? Well it has been said, by my mother that is, that it’s easier for women to get out of jury duty than it is for men. I have been told by friends and family, some of the most outrageous excuses for getting out of your duties as an american citizen. There are some actions that have been taken by well known friends of mine upon entering the interview room. Now fellahs, some of these tactics may apply to you, and the others…well, you’ll see  they will not.

You might want to try…

1) Walking into the interview room wearing a seductive shirt, letting the prosecutors know that you have witnessed a murder in the past and are not liable to speak about it.

2) Wear a confederate shirt, and be completely silent; they will think you are serious.

3) Express insanity.

4) We are good at this ladies… Complain, Complain, Complain! Let them know that you are not ready to make such a commitment; you can not even make one to your boyfriend of 5 years who has proposed to you twice already and your recurring answer has been “I’ll think about it.”

5) Tell them that you have something called vasovagal syncope. This is by far my favorite because I endure this issue every time I am nervous.

6) Tell them that you are familiar with the case, secretly leaning towards one side; bias is key.

7) Tell them that you are very emotional and that you are worried this case will ruin your life. Just make sure this is a criminal case.

(( Don’t want to be too dramatic))

8) Go in there sneezing, coughing, hacking your brains out. They just might think your sick.

9) Tell them that you are pregnant. Everyone loves a pregnant person, right?

10) Finally, answer your phone in the room. Hide it in your pants. When they yell at you, tell them that you just wanted to reschedule a hair appointment, and it will only take a minute. You will precede to get kicked out.




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23 09 2010

I’m impressed! Good job!

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