How To… Lose a “BOY”

21 09 2010

Welcome to the HOW TO BLOG!!!!!!

This blog will show you how women like myself act in situations that are extremely amusing. It will also relate to other womens’ situations dealing with relationship, money, and job issuess. How do we as women solve these problems? And are there other females out there that can relate to your issues? Read on and you’ll find out!!!

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* Women often find themselves increasingly open with emotions when a new relationship has sprouted. Want to lose the guy who is not a challenge? *

Tell him that you…

1) Called him 3 times, and were ecstatic all day because you could not wait to watch Jersey Shore together tonight.

2) Love how he does not take life seriously, and that you both should spend more time together until he gets his act straight.

3) Ate two bowls of death by chocolate at work today because you had your “aunt flow,” and were disturbed to find you had more gas than Cecile, the 82 year old woman in the next cube over.

4) Went all day without brushing your teeth. ( He will think to himself…has she done that with me? )

5) Did not have time to do laundry, so your wearing your girlfriend’s boyfriend’s t-shirts and shorts.  (That won’t get him jealous at all. )

6) Had the worst cold this morning, and you unknowingly drooled on your pillow because you could not breathe.

7) Left two plates of overnight spaghetti in your room, and that it looked like a science experiment  gone wrong.

8) Were so hungry today that a girl at work left her egg salad sandwich in the refrigerator, and don’t forget to mention that it has been in there for about a week, and the green mold did not seem like that big of a problem.

9) had to clean his face (by licking your fingers) because you want him to look his best.

10) You did not have time to take a shower, but not to worry, you have at least a quarter of perfume left to suffice.




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