How To… Get a “MAN”

21 09 2010

Back to How To!!!!!

What happens when your not sure how to act around the one person you wait all day to see???

Not getting a commitment, let alone a lunch, better yet, a hello? You must be doing something wrong. Take my advice, read below and think to yourself whether or not you have tried these things, or ever would…

1) Call to say hi and see if he wants to grab a                                                                                     coffee.

2) Make up an excuse as to why you can not go to dinner (Try to keep him at a distance)

3) Chew slowly during  a meal, scarfing is not his idea of a romantic dinner.        ( He wants to have dinner with beauty, not the beast. )

4)Try your best to hold your bladder, he does not want to think your a camel who has to be put out every half hour.

5) Use shampoo you know he likes. (Men normally like strawberry or vanilla)

*sidenote*: I am not fond of walking around smelling like fruit, nor am I a baby prostitute. Neither scent is for me.

6) Offer to leave the tip after an expensive dinner, he will think you are independent and do not nee someone to take care of you. ( Although he will want to. )

7) Introduce him to your best friend. Make sure she is polite and has a good sense of humor, you can tell a lot by a best friend.

8) When you pick up, pretend you just had the funniest conversation. This will make him want to top it, and compete for your attention.

9) Rub his head when he’s not expecting it, he will feel that you are always thinking of him.

10) ; Do not make yourself too available, always have a plan B. And neeeever ask: “So what are we doing tonight?” Make him ask first!!!

They might be…

Check out the video below!!!




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